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  I could draw before I studied ceramics at a course strongly grounded in functional thrown ware. This was a traditional and technically oriented course where I gained experience in most methods of construction and learned the importance of functional design.

I have studied life drawing since the age of 13 years, and later went on to work as a life model for 24 years. This has given me an intimate knowledge of the human form. 

My background as a painter is in commercial art, as a sign writer. I have also painted murals and tinted prints. All of which has trained me in the technique of creating 3dimensional illusion as well as giving me experience in brushwork and observation. I am fascinated by illusions of perception, imitation and trompe l’oeil and how this may be achieved by manipulating perspective.

I have an innate grasp of perspective and tend to think in 2dimension when designing my work, always drawing my idea first. This tendency to perceive in 2dimension, which I applied to the 3dimensional form, has led to exploration in perceptions of perspective and experiments of illusion. I make my pots as if working in a 2dimensional plane, using monocular vision to enhance the effect. Currently I am investigating depicting the perspective of vessels and structures observed from alternative angles and light source.

Mirage Vases apply conventional principles of 3dimensional depth perspective, found on the 2dimensional plane of drawing and painting, to a 3dimensional form. The vase is a drawing of itself.

My method is to ‘draw’ the vase in clay in the air as if working in 2dimension, focusing on the ellipse and outline. I use monocular vision to reduce depth perception. I paint the front surface, with swatches of random or linear pattern and applied shadow as found in 3dimension, to flatten or further the illusion of roundness. The reversed application of techniques makes use of visual expectations in our perception of a flat object as round while in fact being a round object made flat. This seems to contradict our usual interpretation of a 3D/2D object and an illusion occurs.

Mirage Vases reference art from the era of modern machinery and mass-production and I imitate this precision and repetition by hand.    

Alice Rose


Born Sydney, Australia 1961.

1964 Moved to Kent, England

1979-82 Diploma of Art and Design in Ceramics (credit with highly commended) Medway College of Art and Design, Rochester, Kent, England. Designed Mirage Vase and Sculptural figurative forms

1995 Moved to Australia 

1983-99 Various employment in England and Australia including signwriting, print tinting, mural painting. Also life drawing and modelling.

1999 Moved to New Zealand. Have two children.

2005-2011 Developed Mirage Vases and began exploration into Illusional Vessels and Painted Still-life studies.


North & South   July  2008 

Homestyle   Aug/Sept  2009


'Quirky Works'   2 women show   Moray Dunedin   2007

'Illusional Vessels'   solo show   Masterworks Auckland   2009

'Plenty'   13 'Women on Form' show   Rocda Dunedin   2010

'Still-life Painted Objects'   solo show   Avid Wellington   2011



All images and text are the property of Alice Rose, please request permission before using them in any form, thanks.